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My conversation with death


Today’s poem is brought to you by the letter ‘D’ with short cameos by the letter ‘A’
This poem started off with me seeing how much alliteration i could cram into a reasonably sized poem whilst maintaining the integrity of
the piece. I found out recently someone i knew although had never really spoken to had died, this piece is not a memorial to her simply my thoughts on death especially death during youth
The lines spoken by the character ‘death’ are italicised.

Nigh we descend the very depths of darkness
The domain of dreams and shadows as we don deceiptful glasses
Driving the mundane deep into the realm of the insane
Dastardly visions products of devilish enchantment

But my discernment not declining
Devastated I was in finding
A surely evident delusion
Of a demon before my eyes

Dressed in darkest rainment
Daunted I enquired his name and
“Death” the reply came
On a ghoulish December day

Your alloted age has arrived
Arrest all action acquiesce your life
Accept this, your apt enterprise
Though anger I see in your eyes

If its mere disappointment which  you see
From desolation of my destiny
Distinct dysfunction in your design
My eyes distinctly testify

Decadence is rife, disease, destitution
Drawn directly from the dissolution
Of decency, or it’s definition’s evolution
Yet you still come after me?

Am I appearing as an attorney?
Although ammorality you abstain apparently
From my assignment you cannot turn me
And assuredly all acts are for the balancing

Of cosmic scales all affairs
Absolutely small and wonderously tall
All these actions are accord
And your apparition’s been recalled

Dearest death one dispensation duly do not deny
Desperation’s distraught desire: one decade more of life

Aught authority have i acquired
To accept this ask, you must resign

Divert developments devised!
Dissuade the powers so divine!
Nay, A dream, tis a dastardly dream
Devised to desecrate life’s sanctity

Help! I cried. Help!
As i heard the ringing of heaven’s bells
Help! I cried. Help!
Then the wailing drums of hell
Help! I cried.Help!
So young but still I fell.


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  1. vunderful

    January 11, 2013 at 12:38 am

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